What Receiving a Notebook Did to Me

A few days after my Birthday I received a notebook from a very special friend (yes, you will know who you are) that had a very interesting message written on it. At a first glance, I didn’t really understand or observe the message since I got distracted by the pretty combination of the very light colors the notebook had but I remember I laughed because “Black Cats Bring Luck”

Yeah, “Black Cats Bring Luck”, so what, what is the big deal with that? Well I want to quickly associate this to the limitations that we are setting to ourselves daily and how important is to see other perspectives.

Let’s take the following scenario (1):

  1. You have been told since you were a little baby that black cats bring bad luck.
  2. Every time you see a black cat you get terrified and if you don’t do crosses or walk backwards or what else you do when we see a black cat, only bad things will happen to you
  3. But what if you would change your perception?

Now, let’s take another scenario (2):

  1. You have been told since you were a little baby that cats can do many things that we don’t know about
  2. Every time you see a cat you will think of what things can this cat do that differ from another cat? How is this cat special?
  3. Can you see the possibilities that go through your mind?

Doesn’t the 2nd scenario helps you think of more possibilities? Don’t we want to accomplish many great things? Now take other believes or things you are telling  repeatedly yourself you can’t do and change your perspective of them.

Why do we like to limit ourselves to believe and do certain things? To answer honestly, we don’t like it but we do it, either because we are unconscious or we got used to be like this.

We put limits everyday on so many things that we don’t really realize how much they are affecting our lives. For example: You are telling yourself you can’t run 2 miles, well starting with that affirmation it surely won’t make you run any more,it won’t get you motivated and it will also put a limitation for you from the beginning. No matter what you are saying you are right, so why contradict yourself?

You don’t want to draw anymore because you told yourself you are bad at it. There is your limitation. If someone else would have told you that you are actually very good at drawing, you will, of course, continue on drawing. Our perceptions if we don’t change them or if we don’t adjust to new ones, they limit us. We should not be limited.

So, if it weren’t from a new perception I would still have remained to the mythical idea that cats could bring bad luck.




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