Writing My Book – Last 2 Months Update

A few months ago I have stopped writing on the blog because I got inspired, inspired to actually write a book, my book.

In this post, I will try to sum up how were the past two months for me (how I started, how it felt and the progress made), since I really started writing my First Book:

CLUE: My writing time is somewhat limited (unfortunately – every writer’s disappointment) and I am currently working on making my “creation process” a routine.

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5 Things people in their 20’s should improve & people in their 30’s should do

Age is just a number (as all of us may say) but there is also one thing that does not define age and that is time. There is always a right time to do something and let it be now.

Below are 5 things people in their twenties should improve and people in their thirties should do:

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What Receiving a Notebook Did to Me

A few days after my Birthday I received a notebook from a very special friend (yes, you will know who you are) that had a very interesting message written on it. At a first glance, I didn’t really understand or observe the message since I got distracted by the pretty combination of the very light colors the notebook had but I remember I laughed because “Black Cats Bring Luck”

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9 Things Social Media has taught me

I really wanted to post today and while “struggling” on what post should I make, I opened Facebook and said to myself that the first thing I will see, will help me have an idea. I laughed, of course, it’s silly …what can I actually learn from Facebook!? .. Taking a deep breath, stretching up a little I realized that Facebook must be good at something since it makes us repeatedly check it in order to be up to date.

What happened after? Well..this post

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15 Unusual quotes that helped me see things differently

In order to be a writer you have to write, but I promised that my next post would be about quotes that helped me remain focused & below you will find the most memorable ones..oh and ..unusual ones:

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What it means to grow up in a multicultural city

“Fele apă, fele viz” – a half Romanian, half Hungarian saying, translated as “half water, half water” that actually means… nothing.

I would want to add a cultural touch on how it is to be born in a city where people are speaking two languages. (in this case: Romanian & Hungarian ). I am sure that most of us found ourselves in situations where we don’t know a certain language but we have to speak it in order to get along or get something that we want.
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Economic Concepts & Self Development

This is the post excerpt.

“Economy? What’s Economy?… I skipped that class.”

“Oh…Economy… It must be all about the money.”

If you genuinely ask me, Economy is the incredible force around us, while the correct definition would be that the Economy: “is an area of the production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services by different agents in a given location.”

To go directly on what I wanted to say, I am going to sum up everything in chapters:

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